Westminster Adult Education Service to move to Lisson Grove  
The move will see the Amberley and Ebury premises consolidated into a newly refurbished building at Lisson Grove, which will be fitted out for all educational needs. 
The relocation, which will take place in July 2012, will ensure that high quality adult education can be maintained in the borough and remain within easy reach of residents.

The decision to move to Lisson Grove also secures a long-term home for at least the next ten years.
From Summer 2012, we will operate with a main site in the centre of the borough and two satellite sites in the north and south of the city, to allow easy access for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the area.
The north satellite site, which is to remain at Amberley Road, will maintain a presence for WAES in the Harrow Road area.
Neil Grimston, Chairman WAES Governors said:

“Resolving the property issue is a priority for WAES, which is one of the largest providers of adult education in London.  
Adult education is key at a time when many in work and seeking work need to improve on skills, further training and qualifications. Having the right accommodation is a necessary part of ensuring WAES can fulfil that role.”
Cllr Brian Connell, Westminster Council’s Cabinet Member for Enterprise and Volunteering said:
“We have been working hard to resolve the recent difficult property issues around Amberley Road and I’m confident that this is the best outcome that was possible.
“We’ve been able to secure a property for the new Ark Atwood free school and maintain WAES’s presence in the north of the borough through a satellite site.
“The southern satellite site at Pimlico and the new central site at Lisson Grove, mean that excellent adult education remains within easy reach of residents in all parts of the borough and that a property for WAES’s long-term use is secured.”
-          The move takes place in July 2012 with the service fully operational at Lisson Grove by September 2012.
-          The long-term property solution means that WAES will have use of the Lisson Grove site for a minimum of ten years.
-          Until the new north satellite site is completed as part of the wider Amberley Road redevelopment, it will be housed in temporary accommodation.
  Above: The current Amberley Centre